(Video) 2nd Chakra – Sex, Drugs, Food and More

Overeating? Staying up late? How’s your sex life? What are you doing to fix this stuff?

What you don’t know about your 2nd Chakra controls you, and worse yet, it allows others to misdirect your vulnerable nature you by selling you short-sided solutions that don’t bring balance to the totality of your being.

Allow me to put you in my shoes and as I share my story and my pain.

Can you imagine 
traveling to India, Nepal and Thailand, living on the beach and
 doing yoga all day long? Maybe you are thinking, “That exactly what I need to be happy.” 
Let me tell you what really happens.

You look around and realize, 
“Wow I don’t have to work, I don’t have responsibilities, I live on the shore of Thailand,
 everything is gorgeous, the people are amazingly,
 my new friends inspire me and love me, I am writing poetry and playing
my guitar in between…of course I’m happy, right?”

Wrong! I still wasn’t happy and it took a lot of pain to admit. 
”How could this be?” I asked. I had energetic blocks in my chakras that prevented me from…being me.
 These blocks came from pain and
 anger experienced from family, relationships and childhood, that were never expressed,
 accepted or realized.

To clean out those blocks 
I did lots of Tantra Yoga, because that’s the Yoga that focuses on energy. 
Intense study taught me how to scientifically raise my energy, and thus cleaned my chakras.
 With clean chakras, I can now be more me, understand the root cause of many struggles,
 exactly what it takes to get to the other side, and exactly how to help others do the same.

And by the way, I have only scratching the surface with these chakra videos. I can talk about each chakra for an hour!

If after watching this you still feel stuck, email me today! I am totally here for you.


  1. Wow I miss your videos… finally back in town, back on my computer and looking forward to catching up on these ideas! Loved chakra one and two …

    • Hi Debbie! Thank you for watching the videos. I am happy you’ve returned and I looking forward to hearing what you uncovered in Big Sur.

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