3 Reasons Tantra Yoga Keeps You Looking Young & Feeling Unstoppable

felling UnstopableEveryday when I meet someone and tell them that my expertise is in Tantra Yoga, the response is, “Is that like sex?” At that moment I feel empowered and disempowered all at the same time, “Where do I start?” I think to myself when the easy answer is just, “Yes.”

Instead of giving an easy answer, I now offer an intelligent question. Let’s try that scenario again. “Is that like sex?” My answer, “Maybe. It depends. What is sex to you?

So lets get outside mainstream perceptions of Tantra and see it from the enlarged perspective it demands and deserves. Why? Because I guarantee…

it is what most of you are looking for, but don’t know where to look. It’s what you’ve been asking for, but you don’t know what it looks like. And you haven’t found it because it’s difficult to find using the mind, especially in a bookstore. What you are looking for is an energetic shift that can only be experienced by you.

Experienced? Yes. Meaning if you want to be happy, does believing it with your mind actually make you happy? Do you remember when I talked about my experience with thinking I was happy in Thailand when I actually wasn’t on the Audio Download you received?

If you can experience happiness in your body, then you are happy, and it takes no belief or convincing your mind. Same with just saying, “I love you” over and over until your mind believes it. Are you really in love? Do you actually feel love? And here is where you have a choice to shift.

Trade-in Fact for Feeling by trading in information for experience.

Tantra is a scientific system that offers an alternative and practical road to actually experiencing individual freedom and collective happiness. So yes, either by blessing or default, an elevated sexual life is extracted naturally, directly and indirectly…and that’s just scratching the surface.

Tantra is where all spirituality unites and collective purpose ignites.

So what’s Tantra Yoga? The essence of Tantra Yoga is best captured in this quote from Swami Satyananda that I took a picture of while in the Tantra Yoga school in Rishikesh, India.



Tantra Yoga is a progressive system that can be customized to seamlessly integrate into the everyday life of anybody – the householder, the doctor, the executive, the carpenter, the chef, the musician, etc, of any age, status and mobility – so that people learn to increasingly extract more satisfaction, fulfillment, pleasure and prosperity, physically, professionally and personally.

While the Yoga you are used to seeing here in the West focuses on the physical body, Tantra Yoga focuses on the energetic body. This “energy” is not so mysterious to you. When you feel tiered, jealous, angry, scared, confused, shy…that’s the energy you are holding on too at that time. All those feelings have somehow embedded themselves in your energetic body and you default to them every time so you start to truly believe “I am shy” or “I need anger management.” That’s the energy Tantra Yoga can help you control so that shyness, anger, jealously, confusion and fear doesn’t disempower and control you, but you control it.

Here is where I want to show you the link between “2012” and yoga. Yogi Bhajan, is the man who brought the science of Kundalini Yoga (which is a part of Tantra Yoga) to the west, made clear what humanity will face as we transition into the new paradigm that most fear as “2012” and many revere as “The Age of Aquarius,” empowers women to fall in love with themselves because they are the driving engine of this change, and much more.

Yogi Bhajan is the man that said in this 1987 speech in Los Angeles, “We are involuntarily entering an ero of voluntary enlightenment.” And at another time he stated, “In the Age of Aquarius, the depression and stress on mankind will tear up the people who do not have the technical knowledge of self.”

No one warned me that when you start experiencing this “knowledge of self” you automatically are fueled to teach this knowledge, because it’s not yours to keep. So I teach such a small little part of this grandiose scheme, and I do it my way.

Let me give you the 3 Reasons Why Tantra Yoga Keeps You Looking Young and Feeling Unstoppable.

  1. Sublimation – If I were to replace the word “Tantra” it would be with this word. Sublimation is an alchemical process that chemist use when purifying a compound. It’s taking a dense substance and putting pressure on it until it changes into a lighter substance. This is where you can change anger into confidence and jealousy into focus. Since sublimation is this upward motion you basically control the energy of gravity. Thus, with Tantra Yoga you can literally start to reverse or pause the aging process.
  2. ResonanceSwami Vivekanda, one of my favorite teachers who is a physicist and a straight-up yogi, said that if he were to replace the word “Yoga” it would be with this word. Resonance is a physics phenomena where one system is already vibrating and storing energy, and another system enters its wavelength closely matching its frequency. The system that’s already vibrating can now transfer energy to the other system. Like when a big truck drives by and your whole house shakes; that’s your house entering into resonance with the truck’s frequency. With Tantra Yoga you can learn how to tap into endless source of energy, universal energy, that is already vibrating and waiting for you to access and harness so that you can extract all the energy you need to accomplish all the great things you want to accomplish. Thus, no more treating yourself like a battery that runs out of energy before you even get started. Instead you can refuel yourself at anytime so that nothing comes between you and your goals.
  3. Results – The only energy most people know to utilize is energy from food, which just gets you from point A to B. What about when have very high goals and aspirations, is food the only energy you can utilize to get you there? If you are trying to close your biggest client, or transition into a whole new career is a healthy organic meal going to give you what you need to succeed? You might need a little bit more energetic support. For instance, when you have a big meeting you can do one Tantra Yoga posture everyday for 15 minutes that will fuel you with the energy of confidence so you can land your biggest client. Or if you have a huge proposal to draft you can do one Tantra Yoga posture that will put you into resonance with the energy of focus so that your mind stays sharp and on target creating a dynamic presentation.

As you can see, with intelligent teaching there is no end to the benefits that can be extracted from the scientific approach of Tantra Yoga. Learning these 3 benefits of Tantra Yoga will soon have you experiencing more satisfaction, fulfillment, pleasure and prosperity, physically, professionally and personally.  So yes, staying young and becoming unstoppable is not magic, it’s a long hidden science that is now available to you every Friday evening in San Diego at Hip Hop Tantra Yoga.


  1. Every one thinks Tantra is sex and I guess that is the simple answer … but we shouldn’t forget that it’s also a yoga … a spiritual practice.

  2. This all sounds so fantastic Maria, but how can I get Tantra yoga when I love so far away! You show me this is exactly what I have been searching for and I want to practice it, so how do I start?
    This is an awesome post, succinct and influential. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow!So happy you broke it all down for me understand better!Now I have better grasp on how follow your 3 reasons! What you always told me that tantra yoga meant “putting your work in” is that right still?

  4. This was absolutely mind opening, I loved every word. And especially loved how you related your three reasons to science and physics. As if to show that we can physically change our emotions and perceptions. Can’t to work on this with you, and keep knowledge coming! =D

  5. You are a wonderful teacher Maria, and I can’t wait to learn more from you! Of course there are books that some really amazing people have written, and I have read just a few, but as you say, experience over information. Time to take a break from the library and dive in head first to this beautiful body of knowledge that you have acquired, and to experience it within the soul body, not just the mind. Thank you Maria! You have sparked a fire from within and it is glorious, warm, bright and beautiful. Love in everything you do, now let’s dance! 🙂

  6. Holy crap! I just came here by to see anything was new! I totally love the newly added graphics! You are truly on your way to make a mark in San Diego! I am very honored to be part of it!

  7. Maria,

    Thank you for the post; I’m equally grateful for the effort you’re making to better the world. I speak from experience of being a student of your classes; you’re guiding us to the realizations of the benefits from of Tantra Yoga. Hence the presmise of your post; 3 reasons of what Tantra Yoga can do for those who practice it.

    On several occasions during class, you demonstrated remarkable compassion and patience, ( exemplifying a great Yogi)knowing that many of us would struggle with the postures or feel a need to keep up / compete with others in class; your encouraging words reminded us to enjoy the journey of tantra yoga, at our own pace.


    • Hi Michael!

      Thank you for sharing all this! I love your feedback and I continuously use your delightfully elevated words and observations as a dipping stick to ensure I’m in-line with the student’s needs. It’s a trip to teach something, and at the same time ask the students to unlearn the external representational of it while anchoring the inner point, hence patience, compassion, belief in the self…not everyone catches this consciously. So thank you for teaching me so much just by being your expressive self. You have been such a blessing to this community Michael! Everyone that meets you expressed to me how “that guy is cool as shit!”

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