30-Day Yoga Challenge!

“It makes me feel powerful and grounded, more than anything else. I am super motivated to do it!” ~Rachel | California

You will absolutely love this 30–Day Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ Calendar!


First, the truth. When I was first asked to create Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ videos, my response was, “The world doesn’t need any more yoga videos. People either don’t do them, or try them one or twice and through them away. What people need is HELP INTEGRATING YOGA VIDEOS INTO THEIR LIVES! Only then they will do them long enough to feel and see the difference for themselves.

Thus, a specially crafted 30-DAY CHALLENGE CALENDAR IS BELOW! It will help you know which of the 8 Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ workout videos to do everyday, so you can easily integrate them into your daily routine, not lose fitness momentum, or overwork the same body parts.



I don’t want you to start now, or tomorrow, like most people say. I want you to start on Monday. From now until then, you have THE most important task to do!…


1. Get a yoga mat.

2. Envision the following from now until next Monday.

  • Put your exercise clothes aside in your closet
  • Dedicate a sweat towel and water bottle
  • Envision where you will be exercising in your house, front or back yard
  • Think of a favorite pre and post exercise drink or meal, i.e, almond date shake before workout, eggs after workout. Research healthy recipe ideas
  • Start to already change your eating habits to reflect the body you want
  • Mentally log what time of the day will suit you to put on a 30-min video every day

As you go through each day, keep the above in mind, SETTING UP THE STAGE FOR YOUR 30-DAY YOGA CHALLENGE & COMMITMENT TO YOUR BODY & WELLBEING.

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Enjoy all 150 videos for a year from the BEST MOVEMENT & MEDITATION TEACHERS IN BALI!

**Once it is time to switch to a different style or type of workout, you can still follow the trends of this 30-day calendar…and continue to apply all your learned lifestyle changes.




 “I love these videos! I love the energies that emanate from them and from Maria. They bring so much joy and playfulness to the user. Congratulations – a great series of work and a great gift for anyone who is slightly active, enjoys dance or yoga or both and wants to bring some fluidity back into their day – to break away from the rigidity of Yoga practice or from the mundaneness of their working lives.” ~Louise | United Kingdom

A new you will be revealed in just 30 days!! Each video is 30 minutes in length and is sweat-packed! You will have fun burning tons of calories, toning your body, and learning ancient chakra wisdom that will inspire you to new heights!

The 30-day Challenge Calendar is for those who have already purchased my workout videos, otherwise it doesn’t make sense. Or you can create your own 30-day Challenge by following the trends below.


Week 1:

Monday: Vitality & Stamina (Chakra 1) | Stamina, Longevity, Strong Hair & Nails

Wednesday: Booty Alchemy  (Chakra 2) | Leg Burn, Food Cravings, Insomnia, Magnetism

Saturday: Negotiation Power (Chakra 5) | Fat Burn, Spine Healing, Thyroid, Metabolism


Week 2:

Monday: Hard Core Executive (Chakra 3) | Abs, Inner Thighs, Confidence, Charisma

Wednesday: Booty Alchemy (Chakra 2) | Leg Burn, Food Cravings, Insomnia, Magnetism

Saturday: Firm Breasts (Chakra 4) | Lung Healing, Knee Strengthening, Serenity


Week 3:

Monday: Lean Leadership (Chakra 6) | Leg, Spine, Vision, Clarity, Focus

Wednesday: Metabolism & Manifestation (Chakra 7) | Fat Burn, Hips, Shoulders, Core, Wishes

Thursday: Hard Core Executive (Chakra 3) | Abs, Inner Thighs, Confidence, Charisma

Saturday:Clubbin Prayer Mix (Party Chakra) | Fun, Fat Burn, Hips, Spine, Legs, Thighs, Core


Week 4:

Monday: Negotiation Power (Chakra 5) | Fat Burn, Spine Healing, Thyroid, Metabolism

Wednesday: Firm Breasts (Chakra 4) | Lung Healing, Knee Strengthening, Serenity

Thursday: Booty Alchemy  (Chakra 2) | Leg Burn, Food Cravings, Insomnia, Magnetism

Saturday: Clubbin Prayer Mix (Party Chakra) | Fun, Fat Burn, Hips, Spine, Legs, Thighs, Core


Challenge Notes: These Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ workout videos will strengthen you physically and energetically. You don’t have to warm-up before, or cool-down after. That is all taken care of during the 30-minute videos. The videos are made for beginners and advanced yogis. Either way, you might feel challenged. Take breaks as you need, pause the video, or stop and complete the rest in the evening instead. If the latter, record how many minutes of each video you complete. On one of the off-days, do 30 minutes of cardio, i.e., go on a walk, dance, swim. The other days your body will need rest. The voice in your head telling you that you CAN’T or DON’T have time for exercise today, is a LIAR! Know that putting effort towards ignoring that voice in your head, IS the real yoga, and it will make you stronger, and keep you consistently working out. Put as much effort on this 30-day video challenge as you do your nutrition and sleep! This is a lifestyle change here. Piece by piece, organize it all slowly to best suit YOU. Keep trying different healthy food recipes and sleeping times, until you find what works best for you.