(Video) 3rd Chakra – Confidence Courage Charisma

Are you happy? Like, truly happy? If not, that means something needs to change.

Most people believe that they can’t do what they really want.
I know all they need is science, faith, discipline and fun…and energy cultivated in manipura chakra.

Many think what I do is illogical.
I know the universe doesn’t work on man-made laws.

Some feel that I make decisions too fast.
I know that no one has ever said “damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have trusted my intuition!”

Let me help you out. Here are some things I’ve said when transitioning to new stages in life.

“I don’t burn bridges, but I don’t walk backwards either.” – 19 years old

“Once I realize truth, I cannot consciously choose to take the other route.” – 24 years old

“This is not my life. I am going to go live it now.” – 26 years old

Here are my transitions in short. Woking in corporate world at 18, start practicing yoga at 20, parted with boyfriend at 21, got two Bachelor’s at 22, started teaching yoga at 24, left the corporate world to teach yoga full-time at 25, parted with fiance at 26, traveled throughout India, Thailand and Bali at 26, started a business and a video blog that scratches the surface of esoteric knowledge at 27.
Yes…I see the trend too.

Somehow I got all the way out of my box, and for the past year I tried to construct another box by watching what you do. Again I am noticing how it doesn’t work for me or fulfill me.

Now I am faced with a new transition. The most beautiful thus far. As I start to fully accept my gifts, understand what they need to be supported, and learn the strength that comes from being completely vulnerable, thus allowing my femininity to unfold the most creative expression of my soul.

Whatever I do next, and whatever it may look like, I know one thing is for sure. There will no longer be a divide between my heart and my home. That is my life’s purpose.

Living, is all about self-study. So ask yourself, “What do I really want to do?” The key to your happiness is in taking steps towards that desire.


  1. This video makes me want to do some yoga! I want to write, more than anything else. Write and tell magnificent stories and the new mythos of our changing paradigm. I am so excited to see the video of your virtual event!

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