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My excitement abounds!

481950_10151673261239017_1035075666Not only am I in Thailand continuing my Tantra Yoga studies, but I also ran into Savita!!! She’s the Shawoman I wrote about in my last Blog entry before I went on the plane. I’ve been praying to see her again. Talk about synchronicity!

If you haven’t read that Blog post yet, click to catch up with us, “Thailand! Taking You With Me!”

At this point my thrill in teaching Tantra Yoga has expanded to a whole new level. After teaching yoga for over 6 years, it’s a dream come true to travel, study with Masters, and teach yoga online to private clients and to the most inspiring group of women I like to refer to as my “Createreses.”

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I am not sure how this journey will unravel, but I hope that one day a Master will get curious about what I do and want to talk to the women in my online class. That will be a charmed day!!!

Today however, I write to share the joy and the huge breakthrough my Private Online Tantra Yoga Student from Finland experienced. So proud of him!

He was so awesome to work with! He was assigned the longest customized daily Tantra Yoga Home Practice and he did it everyday. He asked the best questions, and was fully engaged as he fell in love with Tantra Yoga and saw the results enhance every part of his life, professional and personal.

In other words, his career was put on the fast track, and simultaneously, he was attracting more women (the kind he would love to attract) and experiencing deeper intimacy and reaching transcendental states during lovemaking…in only 3 sessions!

But there is more to this story…he challenged me big time!

We had never met before, and Tantra Yoga was a far away stranger to him. Still he wanted to working with me privately to specifically target social anxiety and nervousness, and remove the tightening feeling in his throat that would occur when making calls to book music venues, effecting not only his confidence, but his singing voice.

He identified this as stuck energy in his Throat Chakra and simply asked, “Can you help me?”

“My pleasure!” All you need is 3 Private Tantra Yoga Sessions with me.”

He wanted a guarantee and asked to not pay until he saw results. I was taken back. My immediate response, “If you promise to do the Tantra Yoga practice I assign you everyday, you will get the results you seek and more.”

He agreed to do his customized Tantra Yoga practice everyday, so I agreed that he wouldn’t have to pay me until he saw results.

I couldn’t believe what I had agreed to. Even tough I understood his frustration about the many products and services available that promise many things and don’t deliver, I didn’t feel like it was the right “soil” for his transformation, or that the energy that we would be unlocking in his body would have free range to do as it must. It was important to me that he had the best and most potent experience possible.

The next day I wrote him a note explaining that when a student agrees to do a 49-day practice it’s a sacred spiritual practice, sadhana. I teach the student how to make a “deal” with the universe, and would like to see the focus of any agreement remain between him and the universe, not energetically stuck between he and I. If he could maintain right focus, we could proceed with sessions…so we did!

We were now on the same page, and a wonderful chapter was ready to unfold.

Screen-shot-2013-01-22-at-11Like most private clients, he fit his Tantra Yoga Practice into his schedule everyday and would ask for more. I gave him the heaviest spiritual schedule yet, and he did it everyday with gusto.

Every private session inspired new questions as he fell in love with Tantra Yoga and its imbedded Sacred Spirit Science. He wanted to know everything! His newly ignited curiosity reminded me of mine, and my love for Tantra Yoga.

Everyday the energy in his body moved in the most precise way to address his social anxiety and tightness in his throat.

In a very short time he went from feeling nervous when calling to book music venues and not looking forward to doing this as a musician, experiencing anxiety in social situations when interacting with women, a stuck feeling in his throat that was effecting his confidence, stage presence and signing voice, to….drumroll please!

“Feeling lighter, focused and aligned.”

After only two Private Tantra yoga sessions he performed his best show yet! His confidence increased and was in fact looking forward to calling music venues the next day to book more gigs. And that’s not even the best part…are you ready?!?!

One day while practicing his Tantra Yoga, the energy triggered the cellular memory of when he way about 4 years old and chocked on a piece of candy.

Woah!! What would that do to a singer/songwriter?!

Tantra Yoga “purifies” the body as it peels layers. Day after day, layers of conditioning, untruths and pain fall away.

I say this to all my private clients, “I don’t know what’s going to happen during our Tantra Yoga Sessions, but something always does. No one knows what, when, why, and so that is the most exciting part of my work as a Tantra Yoga Teacher.

I am beyond thrilled to work with people like him who transform before my eyes. He was worth the initial risk and negotiation. It’s an honor to be his teacher and a pure privilege to have been a part of this journey. It’s exciting to see where he takes his life next.

At our final session his transformation was obvious even on the outside. He showed up looking completely different from head to toe. Not that I didn’t think he looked well put together when I first met him, but on that day his energy was even more harnessed. He looked more like himself…his strong, centered, successful self.

So that’s the awesome story! A body, business and bedroom upgrade!
Thank you for reading and feeling our excitement.

DSC00093-1024x635Usually though it’s not so joyful from beginning to end…only in the end. Only a small percentage of my private clients are those who are curious about Tantra Yoga and know exactly what chakra we are targeting.

Most of the time, people come to me when all their $%^@ hits the fan; when one part of their life collapses, or everything all at once, and they feel trapped with no way out and much at stake.

Makes one wonder, “Who do you call when that happens?” Yeah, I’m that woman…and we have a lot of fun.

This is in fact when I feel the strongest as a teacher, and when Tantra Yoga works like gold.
The more that’s “wrong” then the more we have to “upgrade and make right.”

Some of you may be reading this and wanting private sessions too. I have openings starting in May, so if you are interested in bringing Tantra Yoga into your life to fully transform it from the inside out, and put it on spiritual steroids, then don’t wait to email me today.

I know it can be a scary email to write. Have no worries, I’ll hold your hand through it.

The way I choose who I work with and when, is not “first come first served.” I look at three factors: 1. Who has picked up enough momentum to transform fast, meaning, who has the most  $%^@ in the fan, 2. Who oversees the most people, or is surrounded by the most people, so that he/she positively influences many thanks to newfound authentic alignment, and 3. Who is the most curious, dedicated and has the most potential to resonate with Tantra Yoga practices.

Everything we do is custom created and geared towards fast and long-lasting transformation.

I look forward to possibly being your Private Tantra Yoga Teacher one day soon too!
It would be so much fun taking you on a travel with me!

To schedule your Tantra Time send a message now!

Love from across the seas,
& cheers to new chapters!

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