• (Video) Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ – 4 min home practice

    Many of you tell me that you try to do yoga at home but don’t really know where to start or where to end. I practice yoga at home everyday, and today I thought, “Why don’t I share this!?!?” So here it is…a 4 min yoga practice you can enjoy anywhere, anytime! This is how […]

  • 3 Years, 3 Enlightened Masters, 3 Truths

    lotus-300x187Three years ago today exactly, was the last day of my corporate career. Most called me courageous, other’s crazy, as I watched their brain slip into the gutter of fear and hopelessness trying to figure out the age old question, “What are you going to do about health insurance?” I knew they wouldn’t understand my answer, “Quit my job.”

    Truth #1. Don’t Let Perceived Popular Notion Stop You

    It saddened me to hear my coworkers, who were in their 60s or more, who were retired government employees and now worked as civil employees say, “If it wasn’t for the high cost of insurance, I wouldn’t be working right now.”

    Months later I discover that for all 3 doctor appointments, at the same doctors, I ended up paying less without insurance. When I asked why, “Because the system jacks up the price when you have insurance.”

  • Full Moon Salutation Event ~ Bring Balance & Power NOW

    Full Moon Salutation EventMore than 50 people come out to celebrate the Full Moon with us each time, and the parties get bigger and better.

    Since I am one of the very few teachers that teach the Moon Salutation, allow me to share with you exactly why it is what you need today, and what the world needs you to do today.

    For those of you that are unfamiliar with the subject…

  • Hip Hop Tantra Yoga Introduces Self-Mastery Curriculum

    Really…I’m flattered and inspired by you! The most fascinating, beautiful, highly intelligent people of all ages and experience levels are coming to Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ regularly, and are loving it.

    It has been one month since the first Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ class and the response and feedback has been very positive, energizing and forward-thinking.butterfly
    “This is what I go to other yoga classes to get and never get.” – a Dancer
    “My best and most productive days are Saturdays, the day after class.” – a Musician
    “Thanks to this class I have the courage to get rid of what I don’t need in my life.” – a Mom

    What you don’t know is that this class combines Yoga Practice and Yoga Theory. All in the span of 1.5 hours the students enjoy Dancing, Power Yoga, Tantra Yoga and a Tantra Yoga Philosophy Lecture where I provide the students with a handout to take home that translates this ancient sacred wisdom into everyday life.

    Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ is the integration and expression of all my love, so the fact that the room is packed every Friday night makes me feel like I can give more. So I did!

  • Results From The First Hip Hop Tantra Yoga Class

    On Friday, May 6th I woke up with a strange sensation of steady calmness. “Should’t I be nervous,” I though. After 2 months of non-stop effortless constant action, and 2 years of working through blocks to figure out how to let myself go, my cherry popped…and just like the first time, it felt completely natural. Only this time, there were a lot more people involved.

    18 fun people showed up to The First Ever Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ class at Culture Shock Dance Studio to fill the room at Maximum Capacity! 13 of them fearlessly tried yoga for the first time.

    may-6I had a joyous time teaching musicians, students, holistic professionals, physics teachers, make-up artists, dancers, navy personnel, parents, siblings, and more, how to move their body in new ways while stretching, strengthening and harnessing universal energy.

    One piece of feedback I heard repeatedly was regarding how the energy in the room felt so good – positive and open. Everyone felt invited and accepted, “Like they walked in a room full of friends.”

    Here is more about what they had to say.

    “Amazing class…genius concept…I felt alive and sexy.”
    Julie H. – Talent Recruiter/Manager

  • 3 Reasons Tantra Yoga Keeps You Looking Young & Feeling Unstoppable

    felling UnstopableEveryday when I meet someone and tell them that my expertise is in Tantra Yoga, the response is, “Is that like sex?” At that moment I feel empowered and disempowered all at the same time, “Where do I start?” I think to myself when the easy answer is just, “Yes.”

    Instead of giving an easy answer, I now offer an intelligent question. Let’s try that scenario again. “Is that like sex?” My answer, “Maybe. It depends. What is sex to you?

    So lets get outside mainstream perceptions of Tantra and see it from the enlarged perspective it demands and deserves. Why? Because I guarantee…

  • My First Experience With Evil

    In 38 days I traveled to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize. I taught yoga in the most beautiful places: a Caribbean boat dock, outdoor jungle studios, a tree house floating deck. I felt like the luckiest yoga instructor…


    …and 2 things happened to me:
    1. I came face-to-face with EVIL, and
    2. I EMPTIED

    In short, I failed and succeeded at the same time and gained a whole new realization.
    I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING! Except the fact that…you don’t know shit either.

  • (Video) Yoga Exercises: 3 Moves for Instant Workday Vitality

    If I told you that 3 simple moves can help you get through the day and do everything your fullest potential, would you take 3 minutes to do them? What if these 3 simple moves were specifically engineered to give you instant workday vitality, and stabilize your mind so you can calm down and focus […]