Full Moon Salutation Event ~ Bring Balance & Power NOW

Full Moon Salutation EventMore than 50 people come out to celebrate the Full Moon with us each time, and the parties get bigger and better.

Since I am one of the very few teachers that teach the Moon Salutation, allow me to share with you exactly why it is what you need today, and what the world needs you to do today.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the subject…

the Sun Salutation is the standard proliferated teaching which has countless physical benefits, and energetically represents control and taking action, thus the masculine aspects of a person.

The Moon Salutation is equally important, and represents the feminine more receptive and nurturing aspects or a person.

If the world needs balance, you need balance.

During these fast-shifting times, I feel is an utmost importance to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves so that we continuously take stress-free action, and stop creating new things with a seed of stress inside them.

This is the effect and result that the Moon Salutation via Tantra Yoga offers every type of person, no matter the level of previous yoga experience.

Let me translate all this to real life.

Most Westerners are very much used to taking action and controlling (masculine) the elements around them, and not so used to listening and calming down so they can work on one task at a time accurately and efficiently (feminine).

Balancing the two aspects, masculine and feminine, brings forth relaxed action, which is very directive, effective and magnetizing.

Today many of us feel pulled in so many different directions, not only externally, but only internally, i.e., having to do so many things for those around us, wondering if our career will ever bring us more satisfaction, hoping our relationships will somehow become more fulfilling, and in the midst of all this, realizing that once again we have no time to take care of and nurture ourselves (feminine) with balanced nutrition, exercise and rest.


We are all in the same boat. We are all feeling like this. Controlling elements on the outside have taken over in many ways, and it’s time to settle all the things pulling our energy all over the place, and center our energy back into balanced power. This requires relaxing into the feminine aspects of ourselves and start to take care of our bodies and minds. The Moon Salutation does exactly that for you.

my first experience with evilThe first time I taught the Moon Salutation publicly was in Nicaragua on a floating deck in the middle of the jungle underneath the full moon. Besides that time, I’ve only shared it with my private LA clients. This is Sacred Moon Magic and it’s time for it to be revealed on a grander scale so that you get the Medicine you need.

Moon Salutation side-effects include:

  • Serene clarity
  • Increased self-confidence and intuition
  • Amplified courage and focus
  • Timely and effective project execution, and more!

And because we are doing this the Tantra Yoga way (which no one really teaches in SD) expect to
Channel Sexual Energy into Creative Focus because we I will help you literally and alchemically raise your vibration.

Plus, DJ DBA and my Full Moon Chakra Band, have undergone extensive studied Chakra Music Training with me so that they also knows how to induce the Science of Energy Ascension via Intelligently Designed and Systematized Music.

All this and more so you can take control of your life and get it back in order on your terms.

We want to share this Party with a Purpose with those who are looking for a healthy alternative to a weekend night and are real enough to combine Fun with Spirituality.


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