(Video) Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ – 4 min home practice

Many of you tell me that you try to do yoga at home but don’t really know where to start or where to end. I practice yoga at home everyday, and today I thought, “Why don’t I share this!?!?”

So here it is…a 4 min yoga practice you can enjoy anywhere, anytime!

This is how I prepared to teach Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ on November 18th. It was a very fun and effective class customized to help the students feel grounded, courageous, and anchored in full knowing of who they are today, and where they are going tomorrow.


For those of you that like to know more, continue reading. Everyone else, go get your yoga on!

The Mechanics of Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™.

Every Friday’s class is completely customized, very different than the one before, and created with you in mind. Why you ask? Because Tantra Yoga is about Energy, and every day there is different energy in the universe to identify, harness, control and direct. How to do this, is taught in class.

Throughout the week, my students were telling me that they were feeling inadequate and scared, like they were on a rollercoaster ride without knowing how to fasten their seatbelt, or how to take it off…and so they were exhausted.

Where you feeling exhausted this week? Most people where to some degree, whether they knew it or not, because we are all connect as one.

To me, this feeling translates into, “My 1st and 3rd Chakra need some lovin – please feed my kidneys so I can be my assertive self again and not be bothered by minor insignificant disturbances.”

Your most present and prominent feeling is the engine behind how I structure Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ classes. Tantric Yogis know how to leverage the power of feeling and emotion to literally elevate their consciousness. This is also known as Alchemy. So in class, together we transmute lower energy into something higher by accepting the power of fire.

The movements in this video are a small taste of what was experienced on November 18th’s two-hour class. The secret Chakra science behind what we are actually doing while in the postures is only taught and experienced in class.

So of course, you too are invited to access pure power and experience the ecstasy of freedom.

See you there!

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