(Video) Teaching at Youtopia Music Festival

Nothing but excitement prevailed at Youtopia Metamorphosis Music Festival last weeked.

We all loooooved being outdoors in the middle of a dense forrest on sacred Indian Reservation land.

We loved it so much, we just had to shake our booties, stretch our limits, and download fresh universal chakra energy into our vibrant bodies.

Kinda like this! Check out the short video below.

Over 40 people soaked us in positive feedback afterwards.
My very first students were there from 6 years ago, friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, my regular Hip Hop Tantra Yoga students from San Diego, and so many new beautiful people!
Click here to see the picture!

They all had a blast, and unlocked parts of themselves that whispered clear thoughts into their conscious so they can move forward with sure steps and create the changes in their lives they really want.

For this I have to thank the DJ’s and my Chakra Band CaliChakra, for allowing me to fuse their talents in Chakra arrangements so that any crowd can awaken their inner transformative powers and access pure power to experience the ecstasy of freedom.

DJ DBA and DJ ETS of HiFi5 Entertainment created such a fun environment for everyone to enjoy. Live Chakra Musicians Sherri-Anne and Lisa Viegas from Sister Speak, and Greg Vaughn from Danyavaad, blessed us with home-made 1st Chakra, 3rd Chakra, 4th Chakra and 6th Chakra Music!

One of these Music Meditations we are sharing with you!

Click the player below to Awaken Your Third Eye, 6th Chakra, and Access Ultimate Focus 
with this Music Meditation and Instruction.Click the “Like” button would ya?


This is such a dream team of talent. I love that everyday we attract the most unique, creative, fearless, multi-demensional and grounded people into our yoga space. It is such an honor to be with you here!


    • Thank you Amelya! Happy it sparked something righteous in you :0) Let me know if you felt your ajna chakra activate when we speak on the phone tomorrow. Curious to know what you felt!

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