1. Is this a beginner’s class? It’s been a while.

I get asked this a lot, and nothing to be too concerned about. Just come have fun and know that you are in for a workout that will challenge you in all the best ways, with a balanced combination of movement, and stillness meditation.

Whether this is your first time, it’s been a while since you’ve done yoga, or have been practicing for decades and are ready to shake up new inspiration into your practice, you will quickly feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door…but I can’t lie, you will get worked!!! I get thanked the most for perfectly challenging people, leaving them sore for days, and tailoring the yoga practice to the level of EVERYONE in the room…and of course, the awesome music.

No need to be advanced, and many people come for their first yoga class ever. What I tell the students is that, I’m in charge of the yoga, but they are in control of the intensity. I am their puppet of pleasure. So yes, I read your body language and I’m there for you, and what you need the most that day. So I like to call this an “advanced beginners class.” Beginner because I consider myself a perpetual beginner, and advanced because I draw from the advanced concepts that I studied in India and Bali with a Swami/Physicist, Enlightened Master of Bioenegy, Rinpoche from Bhutan, and more amazing teachers.

2. Awesome I’m coming! What should I bring? What should I wear?
A yoga mat, water and towel. We will be barefoot. Wear clothes that make you feel like yourself, and try to forget about what yoga clothes are supposed to look like or be like. Just be intelligently proper…and wear pants you can easily spread your leg in…LOL!

3. I love this class! Where can I do it all the time?
I frequently tour throughout the United States, India, Bali and Greece. Check out my Calendar, or contact my management team to bring me to your town, or purchase the best Workout Videos ever shot in beautiful Bali just for you!

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