Bali Workout Videos

8 Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™
Sweat-Packed Workout Videos From Bali

Strengthen your physical and energetic body with this fun and transformational combination of Dance, Vinyasa and Tantra Yoga.

Video Sample of Chakra 2 | BOOTY ALCHEMY

Expect to sweat like never before, burn fat and tone your body, while learning ancient chakra-based practices that awaken your rebel genius and harness your sexual energy to your higher chakras making you unstoppable in every way!

Every ounce of my love is in these videos…and every ounce of Bali Healing.

1. Orgasmic Power & Stamina (Chakra 1)
2. Booty Alchemy & Sure Strategy (Chakra 2)
3. Hard Core Executive (Chakra 3)
4. Firm Breasts & Phat Ventures (Chakra 4)
5. Negotiation Power (Chakra 5)
6. Lean Leadership (Chakra 6)
7. Metabolism & Manifestation (Chakra 7)
8. Clubbin Prayer Mix (Party Chakra!)

Video Sample of Chakra 5 | NEGOTIATION POWER

SINCE 2011 MY STUDENTS PACKED THE ROOM FROM THE WINDOWS TO THE MIRRORS TO THE WALL IN OUR LIVE SAN DIEGO CLASSROOM, and created a powerful community of Yogis that know how to live in courageous and choiceful freedom…SO I DEDICATE THESE VIDEOS TO YOU!!!

“I feel sexy, confident and centered.” ~Rachel

“Awesome! I’ve been doing yoga for a few years now and I still learned some new things about my body.” ~Joe

“I had a super grumpy morning yesterday and my regular yoga practice was not cutting it, so I put on your Hip Hop Tantra video and it turned my day around! Very very cool. Thank you!” ~Anandini

“I haven’t found anything that matches what you did. The bar has been set high. But this town is filthy with yoga classes. But the inspiration you gave still burns.” ~Esteban

“Maria is a chakra mechanic, tuned mine in last class, have yours checked out. the price is right and her work is clean.” ~Robbie




These 8 Workout Videos are specially crafted to ignite your spiritual power and expand your life’s potential.

I know you are going to love them for these reasons and more!!! 

“I love these videos! I love the energies that emanate from them and from Maria. They bring so much joy and playfulness to the user. Congratulations – a great series of work and a great gift for anyone who is slightly active, enjoys dance or yoga or both and wants to bring some fluidity back into their day – to break away from the rigidity of Yoga practice or from the mundaneness of their working lives.” ~Louise

“I love Love LOVE these videos!! Super fun and extra special because I feel like I am talking to her throughout each video and she knows exactly what I am thinking at every moment!!! You should grab these! I guarantee you will have a great time, open your mind and your body, and (of course) learn how to shake it out!!” ~Melissa




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