How To Quit Your Corporate Job & Move On Successfully | FREE BLUEPRINT DOWNLOAD| PART 1


Want World Travel? For most people that seems like like a galaxy away. That galaxy, is where I live. 

8 years ago, before it became trendy, I quit my lucrative and stable corporate career, for many reasons, but mostly because of the undying inner urge to teach yoga full-time.

It was not the easiest thing I had ever done, but I had no other choice than to follow what was true for me.

I carefully DESIGNED my transition, and prepared for it everyday for 6 months. When that day came, I had developed the necessary strength inside to stay on target.

Nothing could keep me at my corporate job, not even the 6 figures they offered and guaranteed for 5 years with an escalating salary. I called this offer, “The Clown.” Of course that was going to happen on the day I decided to follow my destiny.

I expected it…and now you will know about this “Clown” too, and many other unexpected things that will most likely occur in your life as you transition.

When The Clown happened, I laughed, took no time to consider, deeply and sincerely thanked my incredible boss, and turned my life around completely. I was only 25 years old and began my corporate career 10 days after my 18th birthday.

Now there are many people quitting their careers and happily showing you their new life online. The picture that is being painted out there I KNOW will not help you long-term, meaning, you will be back behind that desk before you know it.

1If you are trying to quit your job, you are probably hating you life right now, and something inside you is screaming for your own wellbeing, health and freedom to take action. I know there is a lot at stake for you – your reputation, family, money, etc.

Trust me, something greater than you is guiding you to something greater than you can imagine.

Your attentiveness to whatever it is that is ringing your bell, might me more important to me than you today, because I understand the importance of what is trying to breathe a new life through you.

This planet needs THE NEW TOTAL YOU ENGAGED in it in a different way. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED without being distracted by the advice, and smoke and mirrors of those that just did this yesterday.

These Blogs are written with total life transformation in mind, and ARE NOT FOR you if you are just trying to quit your job, and get another job in the same field and industry.

You might not like what I write, because it’s straight up and in many cases, ruthless. However know that I’m describing my exact experience, which will either help many, or be irrelevant, but it will not cause harm or confusion. Everyone should feel more empowered after reading.


There is a lot to know and prepare for, thus I will be writing MY DESIGN in 3 PARTS. Plan on referring to these Blogs over and over again for about 1 or 2 years because that is how forward thinking they are and they will support you in moving forward.

They are simple, deep and true. They are not the easiest thing you’ll ever do…but trust me, no matter how hard it gets, you’ll never look back and say, “I wish I was sitting at my comfy office chair today.”

Now one thing you need to know right away, is that once I started working full-time as a yoga teacher, I never knew, and would HAVE NEVER EXPECTED that I would soon be traveling half the world studying with yoga masters, dance masters and enlightened beings. It was in my path, and jumped out at me as a wide-open door 6 MONTHS AFTER I quit my corporate career.

Since then, I started my own yoga styles Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ and Feminine Power Chakra Flow™, taught yoga at music festivals, sex-toy stores and everywhere in between, streamed live classes online worldwide, and still live oversees in Bali and India half the time…plus traveled to over 10 countries which I know are on the top of your bucket list.

You and I both have no idea what is waiting for you after you make the jump. Might be world travel, might be something else. Either way, it is SO FANTASTIC that it will have you glowing and full of vitality for a very long time. I cannot wait for you to discover it!!!

So let me actually help you quit your corporate job and move on to the next thing in life.


If you are feeling scared…don’t worry I got you!!! Let’s go step-by-step.



Is quitting your job right for you?

Do you go home every night hating your life?

You cannot imagine waking up another day and going to work?

Has you health been steadily declining?

If any of those is a yes…keep reading.


Yes I know, you can’t quit today, or tomorrow, or next month, or in 3 months, but in 6 to 12 months you probably can!! WE CAN DESIGN IT!

So take a breath…stick to this blog, and for the first time DO NOT sweep under the carpet what you really want.

I did this successful 8 years ago so I’ve got lots of practical gems to share with you here.

This blueprint surely is applicable for working people in most countries.



  1. People’s advice that just did it.
  2. Your family, friends and co-workers and anyone that doesn’t support you in this transition.
  3. The voice in your head that scares you because you are afraid of these 3 following reasons…SO LIST THEM! –>









Reputation? Money? Health Insurance? What people will think of you? What will you do next?




#1 Truth.

You’ll be very surprised at how much people will support you…and you will deepen your connection with many friends, and with family members that you did not expect would support you.

#2 Truth.

You think the hard part will be preparing all the pieces for you to walk away from you current job and life, i.e., family, savings…nooopppe!

All that will take effort to do yes, and all these Blogs will help you with each piece. However before you needlessly waste extra metal and emotional energy on people that don’t support you plus your own fears, let me save you trouble and tell you what’s really needed from you.


Once you actually do it, THEN THE REAL HARD PART COMES.

What I referred to earlier as “The Clown” is actually referred to as “The call back method.” Something will always happen at the peek-point of transition to “call you back” to what you have always known and feels comfortable.

Will you be ready at that moment? Will you trust yourself once you are at the top of the mountain looking at the wide open door of your new life?



Those recently quitting their jobs have made so much hype waiting for trophy that will never come…and confused you. This is NOT an overnight job. You will have to build a new relationship with your money, your mind and yourself. If this isn’t yoga, I don’t know what is.



If you can’t quit your job tomorrow you can never quit…so you ignore the topic.



As mentioned earlier, we will design this together! I will show you exactly step-by-step what I did 8 years ago to change my life completely.

This Design Blueprint is for those who feel stuck because of financial reasons. (The others reasons will receive attention of the following Part 2 and Part 3 Blogs.)

Where as in most cases I teach MAGIC, sorry hun, this just takes MATH! 




Okay…Want MAGIC Too?

If you want a dose of magic juju on your side…MEDITATE!

Meditation will bring unexpected magic. When I was exactly where you are today, I didn’t know how to mediate or really ever tried, although I was practicing yoga for 5 years.

I remember something inside me loudly said, “Just sit down and try it!” I sat there telling myself, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m just going to sit here quietly and do nothing for 10 minutes. I set my timer closed me eyes…and that was it.

The next day while teaching yoga at Elka’s Yoga Studio, a very well-know instructor came in super late to take the class. I welcomed her and continued. After class she walked right up to me and said, “What is your name?” “Maria” I answered. “Maria what?” I told her the rest. “Why have I not heard of you before?” “I don’t know miss what’s your name.” I freaked out when she told me, and she continued, “Where did you get trained?” She did not believe I got trained at Corepower (later trained in India) because my style was very different already. “Corepower! Okay whatever, just call me tonight. I have been hired to staff a top brand-new downtown studio. You make my job easy.”

This was my first and only SUPERBLY BLISSFUL jaw-dropping life moment. Never again have I felt joy like this in my life. My corporate job was ending in 2 weeks, and until this moment, I had no solid full-time yoga teaching employment.

I blamed this moment on my hard work, dedication, faith…and meditation.

From then on, I was hooked on meditation.

If you don’t know how to mediate…forget the fanciness and the CDs. Just follow exactly what I mentioned above.


The most important thing I’ll write…

This process can be very daunting I know. The DESIGN BLUEPRINT I specially crafted for you is 5 pages! Maybe you want to run already…but guaranteed these steps are hard because they ensure longevity in your plan.

Not sure how many people leave their corporate careers and never go back…but you won’t have too! Especially of you are already thinking of getting a part time job to inspire you in a new life and work direction, then you really won’t have to go back.

More of this is written on THE DESIGN…because honestly, if you don’t have another skill yet, or enough money saved up for you to relax from decades of stress until you find your new passion…then you’re screwed and follow the DESIGN! It will help you save the cash you need.

If you want coaching help with this, I’m all ears. Email me today!


The steps mentioned in the Blueprint might take you into a deep uncomfortable place, but trust me the process will make you strong!!!! If I didn’t have already a strong passion for yoga anchored in my heart and soul, and a strong urge for freedom and change, I would have taken the $120k offer, been miserable, and have missed out completely on this entire beautiful adventure I’ve been handed the past 8 years.

I kept my soul, and my only goal became connecting more and more to that essence everyday. (THE END)


As you can see, I’m sharing all I’ve got on this Blog. 

PLEASE SHARE SHARE SHARE! A lot of people need this type of help and don’t know where to turn. THANK YOU!

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  1. Maria,
    This is really good, amazingly good in its frankness and straightforwardness. I’m not looking to leave a job. I’m already free of the rat race and would never return, but I can appreciate how wonderful it is that you are doing this for those who are looking for this sort of support. If I were in the position to need what you are offering, I would definitely use your blueprint to achieve it.

    You’ve done an amazing job at making the steps sound and feel doable. Your words are to the point and your writing is clear and empty of anything unnecessary. The instructions and steps are precise and concise. Your advice, founded in your actual experience, is objective and reasonable. Moreover, it’s honest in its frankness about the emotional and psychological challenges the leap into change will present.

    I commend you on what you’ve done and are doing with this blog and this blueprint. You have done and offering exactly what you are saying you’re offering. That alone, puts you and this on a different level than most who claim to be doing anything similar. I’m looking forward to checking out the remaining parts coming out in the near future. Namaste. <3

    • Jose O.M.G! Thank you for this SUPERB comment! FEELS SO GOOD TO READ! I am deeply touched that you extracted all the above from my blog and mentioned it here. Happy to be authentically seen as a pro! Very happy someone like you in no longer in the rat race. Namaste indeed!

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