How To Quit Your Corporate Job & Move On Successfully | THE PEOPLE | PART 2


This blog assumes you’ve already read and downloaded the 5 page Financial Design Blueprint provided in Part 1.

From what you’ve told me, you’ve been inspired, and some of you are already on the way to making huge life changing plans that involve traveling and moving to a new exotic countries! GREAT!!! (Been there, done that. Trying to take you there!)


So welcome to Part 2 of this blog, which outlines more of the social, personal and emotional aspects surrounding quitting your job, and is HERE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH FULL FAITH & FOCUS so you can transition to the next phase of your life with ease and success!

Let’s imagine you already made the decision to quit, and now you are taking the practical steps to DESINGING your transition as mentioned in Part 1.

You are talking to all your friends, some are supportive, and some are not seeing what you are seeing.

Forget about them all. I’m your friend. Let me tell you what really to focus on because you don’t need validation…


YOUR #1 TASK – besides the following Your Design.

Make your design, your priority, and shape your life (save money, quit bs spending, and make it happen!)

If you follow your design, you will stay strong, focused and unwavering, no matter what anyone says or whatever doubts come up.

So what’s your #1 task beside the blueprint?

While you save money and pay off debts, whether you are looking at a 6 month, 1 year or 2 year time frame before you quit your job, you must use this time to study, or get into what you are passionate about. Something new!

Get a certificate, go to school, take creative classes, find exercise routines, do “hippie” things, start teaching, intern somewhere, help friends with their businesses, JUST LEARN!

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it is something you’ve always wanted to do and enjoy doing, and you are following your heart.

Might as well get used to following your heart, because once you are on the other side of the fence, your heart will be the only roadmap and blueprint you’ve got.

So all that is now complete. Your 6 months or 2 years passed, you’ve saved all the money you wanted, paid off what you needed…

…and after all that hard work to get to a new life and freedom, let me tell you what is really going to happen when you finally pull the trigger.


Telling Your Boss

They will think you are crazy, but you won’t, because it was not an overnight decision inspired by fly-by-night bloggers that just quit their jobs and sparked a faint light under your booty.

Every step you took was orchestrated and executed by you and your willpower, and you committed to this new life so you are practical and proud!

So f%^& your boss!

If he or she is awesome, it will be obvious to them that you are speaking from your heart.


What To Say

Express your gratitude, and your new passion (that thing you’ve been getting into and studying this whole time), and explain that it is time for you to move on.

Practice this a few times in the mirror in your words. Keep your posture steady, calm and still, and your heart/chest area relaxed and open. Know deeply that you are the master of your destiny and life, and that no one can control you.

If you express well and with authenticity, your boss will respect you. Most likely, your boss will wish she or she was you (send them my first blog so they can design their escape too!!).

To know what happened to me at this exact moment, and my offer for a double salary which I referred to as The Clown, please read Part 1.


Your Coworkers

Uggghhh this might be the most annoying thing, and in some cases, worse then telling your parents.

Not only have you spent all this preparation time talking yourself out of your fears and facing your darkness, now you have to hear all of your coworkers’ fears, excuses and baggage.

This is usually the breaking point. If you decided to quit overnight, and kinda sorta prepared yourself thanks to short-sighted inspiration, their fears in your face everyday will absolutely kill your mojo.

You will begin to second question yourself, and wonder if you have what it takes, what if it doesn’t work, what if they were right, what if you are just crazy. This will only happen if you are not well prepared.

If you took the prep time to really have a face-off with yourself, and deeply know in your core why you are doing this, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU!

Everyone not doing what you are doing will freak out. Let me repeat that.


Your last 30 days at work might be miserable.

I have so many memories of my dear coworkers coming up to me EVERYDAY with questions and confusions, wondering how I am going to do this that and the other thing. I would answer and watch their brains slowly try to turn new wheels of understand, but it was hopeless.

It was obvious they deeply wanted to get to the same point, but their minds and heart had not yet met to shake hands in a truce.

The #1 concern I repeatedly heard was, “What are you going to do about health insurance?” I ran out of ways to answer, “Quit my job.” I was dying in there. After it was all said and done, I went to the doctor to pick up my usual prescription, and it was cheaper. I was confused and asked the receptionist why I’m paying less now than when I had medical insurance. She answered, “When you have insurance the price is padded.” So my medicine without insurance, was actually cheaper than my co-pay this whole time. True story.

Having to be around your co-workers everyday will be your ultimate graduation test. After 6 months to years of planning, this is your final examination.


How To Deal With Them

Do whatever you have to do to ignore and not be influenced by them. Walk in another direction in the hallways, stay away from break rooms, and for goodness sakes, don’t try to reason or convince them to do the same. They will need and demand more and more answers from you because their brains are freaking out wondering how someone can possibly operate outside the norm and do something different.

Maybe I need to say this here too.

F%^& your co-workers. If they haven’t figured it out, they won’t today, nor in 30 days, just give them love and tell them to believe in themselves, and go about your business.

The ones that are your real friends that you will stay in touch with, will be open to hearing the answers inside your heart, and will ask you practical questions like, “How did you plan for this? What first inspired you?” Real conversations are awesome and fun, interrogations are not. Stay away from those coming at you with personal fears. That goes for your parents too.

Put everyone that doesn’t support you on pause. Put everyone that infuses you with doubt or fear, consciously or unconsciously, on pause.

Later they will understand, and if there ever was real love or friendship between you, it would continue.


Difficult Parents?

Dealing with your parents is a combination of dealing with your boss and your coworkers.

They might try to guilt trip you, pull away support they have ben offering, all in the name of either: 1. They know what is good for you better than you (which means they never really got to know you), 2. They are worried about you and simply can’t understand why you are not happy being unhappy (possibly like they are), 3. What will they tell their friends and family, 4. It’s against some kind of cultural code and you don’t fit the picture of the person they have been wanting and pushing you to be…etc etc etc.

Don’t make me say explicit things here.

You have a FREE CHOICE to do what you want to do with your life (as long as it is not actually harming anyone), and your parents also have a free choice to decide to support you, or not. GIVE THEM THAT FREE CHOICE!


What To Say

Something like a combination of the following.

“I have been unhappy because abc. For the past year I have been preparing like this, xyz. Now I have money to transition, debts paid, new talent and education, so I’m clearing off my slate and starting new. Transitions can be hard, but I would love to have your love and emotional support through this. Remember when you made a big decision? Where you supported? How did it feel? Well, I hope you can be there for me as I take these big steps. If not, you have full freedom to make that choice, and I wont hold it against you, as long as you don’t hold my choice against me. Do you think you’ve raised me to be capable and smart thus far?”

Practice this a few times in front of the mirror. Let anything come out when you are by yourself – horrible words, beautiful memories, tears and laughter.


Your Personal Faceoff

Okay now you quit your job! Yeeiiii!!! Everyone is on board or off of your sailing ship. You think you are free and life is awesome. But wait, you start to realize something. If you don’t pay close attention, you will miss it…which might actually be a better thing. Allow me to share what happened to me, just in case you need a heads up.


My 3 Unexpected Surprises

That nothing I learned in the corporate world, actually existed outside that world.

You’re going to feel stupid, and that is not a good feeling. You might recognize that most things you have been great at, the lingo the acronyms, the computer systems, the details the big pictures, the politically correct way of speaking, and after so much praise, awards, and raises…all this unknowingly built your self esteem and self-validation. Who are you now?

I remember realizing that I actually knew nothing of use. I didn’t know how to create my own daily schedule, I didn’t know how to rest, how to be calm, how to fully enjoy and connect with my friends and family, I had zero street smarts, no creativity. I was basically an overall a nice person, but pretty lame.

Whatever you realize, will be personal to you. Hopefully you extract a keen observation too.

I decided to be gentle on myself, but didn’t know how, nor did I know how to organize the pieces of an everyday life. It was like my whole life, work and school, had been in an organized zoo with no breathing room. Every part of the day was tightly and overwhelmingly scheduled, and for the first time, I was free in the unscheduled wild.

Did I mention this whole time I was going to University full-time and working full time in the corporate world, AND doing yoga 5x a week. Yes, I was crazy busy and organized, so I thought that meant I was good at something, and knew something.

If you quit, your body will quit too.

I’m not being metaphoric here. My arm stopped working. Literally. It needed rest too.After 10 years on a mouse-pad, my wrist and elbow gave me the finger and said, “If you quit your job, I quit too. You think I don’t need a break.” I couldn’t lift my right arm for 2 weeks, and teaching yoga was pretty funny. Some of you were there. I would have to pick up my right arm with the left arm to lift it up to the sky, then it could stay there on it’s own.

Changes in life are changes in the body (let alone mental). Whatever has been overused or stressed in ways you weren’t aware of, might also quit when you quit. This will forced me to be gentle and learn how to rest for once.

I say all this so you don’t become scared or worried if you get sick, or something strange like this happens to you after you quit your job. It’s your body resting and finally having a chance to heal. It’s your body saying thank you, so treat it right without rushing to get medication.

It is the perfect time to begin developing a new relationship with your body. Learn that your body is on your side, not against you. So partner up with it and create a union!! Let it heal, and help it heal. It’s making the new you!…which means, it is creating your new life. It has to give it birth, so your body will prepare for this in the ways it knows how. Be on its side by being conscious and respectful to it.

Now that you quit your job, your body becomes your only job.

I thought quitting my corporate job and following my passion to teach yoga full time would make me happy. The bad news, it didn’t.

After all the preparation, after having tons of support from family and friends, how could I face them and tell them that I still wasn’t happy? They all helped me get to a new life, and I was miserable still.

This is when I started questioning life overall. Where is happiness? Is it an ingredient inside the hand-me-down socially accepted recipe for life, or outside the system.

I already knew it was something that only my inner landscape could provide, not sex, drugs, food, rock and roll…or shall I say, hip hop.

I mention this exact moment on my About me video.

I was shocked to still be unhappy. I separated from my fiancé, which was fast becoming an abusive circumstance, and 12 hours later I got an invitation to travel to India. Before then, traveling to India this was only a dream, now a wide huge open door.


You cannot imagine the tears I felt between the above two paragraphs.

Alas, I made a list of the 50 million things I had to do and organize before leaving for my first world trip in 2009. (That will be Part 3 of this blog, to help you get organized to travel freely.)

Two weeks later, I was gone. Traveled for 8 months, studied with yoga masters that blew my mind, studied with enlightened masters that blew my energy circuits. I logged in about 1000 hours of intense energetic yoga in the presence of light masters…and they helped me pop. Literally, pop. Something happened. My energy field exploded into something that can never be found in the socially accepted hand-me-down recipe for life. Sadness from now was only felt not as a part of me, but as a true feeling at a distance. Happiness became permanent. Happiness was me.

How can something like this happen to you?

I don’t know. But I do know, once you go through the first step of following your heart, and taking all the practical steps to take charge of your life in a way that says YES to your heart…the magic that is supposed to come to you, will come to you.

I am not saying it will be easy. I am saying, you will KNOW faith. You will KNOW your heart. You will BE ONE with life’s extraordinary possibilities.

Hope this helps encourage you…and show you the realities behind of transformation.

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