Mind Training: The 6 Rat Holes That Eat Your Energy

We had an amazing discussion this week during my Online Woman’s Tantra Yoga class as we went over what Sexual Energy is, and the 6 Rat Holes that eat Your Sexual/Spiritual/Creative/Vital Energy leaving you confused, scared, tiered and idle.

Sexual energy is vital energy, or divine energy, that creates. The same energy that makes you want to have sex, is the same energy that makes you want to raise children, write a book, move your body, cook, love, create, express. It’s the energy of pure activity.

If you want to change your job, enhance your relationships, stop a habit, change anything in your life, then you must work with energy that transforms = creative, sexual, vital, alive, electric energy.


I asked the ladies in my Feminine Power Chakra Flow class what they felt wasted their Sexual/Spiritual/Creative/Vital Energy, and they were right on the money! Answers included: fear, worry and stress.

So what would a Yogi say?!?!

There are 6 rat holes in all men and women where energy escapes according to Swami Shivananda:

1. Reproductive Organs
(partaking in sexual activity without refueling the body- more on this in future workshops)

2. Mouth – talking to much
(recommend practice is “mauna” setting time aside to not speak, ex. 2 hr/day – try it, it’s magic)

Holes in Mind:
3. Unnecessary Thinking
(when you wake up and start to plan the day before you get out of bed and become tiered)

4.Unnecessary Fear of an Imaginary Description
(slippery slope thinking down the irrational road of fear)

5. Excessive Anger

6. Lustful & Idle Thoughts

These rat holes drain you from YOU! They drain the space to care for your body, the space to think, the space to intuit your future, the courage to dig deep to see what holds you back, the space to reflect on what is right for you and how to communicate it a way that expands another.

So let’s seal these energy holes together!

Anytime you find yourself doing 3-6, stop immediately and reach for your nearest yoga posture. Move your body, take a walk, wash dishes, get your mail, write a story/song/poem. Create movement to reprogram your mind, so that your mind doesn’t cripple your movement.

In my Online Woman’s Tantra Yoga class we work directly with the energy of transformation and learn to harness our energy by incorporating Tantra Yoga Postures into our daily lives that rewire our energetic body, and thus reprogram our metal pathways to go beyond mental states that lead to dissatisfaction, and instead access internal fields of joy that allow that enhance the experience of peace, love, happiness, creativity and pleasure.

November is the time we focus on the deeper layers of our 1st Chakra, which is where all insidious fear and cultural programming lives that tells you what you can’t do. I prefer if you knew how unstoppable you are…and so I teach.

We have 3 spots left for you to sign-up and join us!

The 1st Chakra Tantra Yoga Postures taught and practiced in November will provide you with the following
Physical, Sexual and Spiritual benefits:

1. Tone your belly and back muscles
2. Increase your pleasure quotient
3. Regulate menstrual irregularities and discomforts
4. Heal passed-down identities and help you find your own indestructible beauty/character
5. Awaken kundalini shakti, divine feminine energy, up the spine, and
6. Allow you to stay solid, measured and unbothered with surrounding (holiday) dramas.

Especially if the Holidays tend to be stressful for you, this posture will have you living in a temple of peace.

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