Results From The First Hip Hop Tantra Yoga Class

On Friday, May 6th I woke up with a strange sensation of steady calmness. “Should’t I be nervous,” I though. After 2 months of non-stop effortless constant action, and 2 years of working through blocks to figure out how to let myself go, my cherry popped…and just like the first time, it felt completely natural. Only this time, there were a lot more people involved.

18 fun people showed up to The First Ever Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™ class at Culture Shock Dance Studio to fill the room at Maximum Capacity! 13 of them fearlessly tried yoga for the first time.

may-6I had a joyous time teaching musicians, students, holistic professionals, physics teachers, make-up artists, dancers, navy personnel, parents, siblings, and more, how to move their body in new ways while stretching, strengthening and harnessing universal energy.

One piece of feedback I heard repeatedly was regarding how the energy in the room felt so good – positive and open. Everyone felt invited and accepted, “Like they walked in a room full of friends.”

Here is more about what they had to say.

“Amazing class…genius concept…I felt alive and sexy.”
Julie H. – Talent Recruiter/Manager

“Thanks to the moves I learned in class on Friday I was able to focus on studying ALL day on Saturday and Sunday! So AWESOME! Thank you for teaching me how to sustain energy and focus all day long!”
Hanna K. – SDSU Nutrition Student

“I have so much energy right now.”
Tiffany G. – PR Extraordinaire & Musical Talent Manager

“Maria Sirriya is an extremely passionate instructor, waiting to fill your mind with knowledge you can carry throughout your life. The dancing is nothing to fear! The room is full of genuine people who have created a comfortable environment for everyone. Come join us!”
Amber W. – Intuitive Action Speaker (may I call you that my love?)

“I never sweated so much in my life!”
Justin D. – IT Professional

“Thank you so much for today Maria! I really felt I got the true value of your class.”
Larry C. – DJ, Sound Engineer & Graphics and IT Expert

“We did some difficult moves and for some reason they came with such ease.”
Michael M. – Professional Singer/Performer/Actor

‎”Hip Hop Tantra Yoga with Maria Sirriya: “where the women are gorgeous”

“I came away refreshed, energized, inspired and ready to take on the world!”

“Still on a natural high from Hip Hop Tantra Yoga with Maria Sirriya”
Nick Z – Masterful Musician & Promoter

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    • That is THE Michael Maury! We’ve become such good friends. I just realized we met him together for the first time in LA. He is all sorts of amazing. We play spiritual games together piecing through dimensions and such :0)

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