(Video) My New Yoga – Balinese Dance!!!

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Right before a blessed run in with this little girl, my friends and I decided to go to a near by surf town here in Bali. On the way there, my buddy’s girlfriend got in motorcycle accident. Thankfully she was only a little bit scratched up, but much her beauty from within was released into free tears from all the adenine.

We sat across the street from a shop where there was a Balinese family and many little kids hanging out, as she continued to cry. I cross the street and start smiling at the kids building a heart rapport, and after making eye contact with the parents I notice the immense sweetness of the family. They ask me if my friend is crying and if she’s okay. I put them at ease; she’s in good hands as her boyfriend is Scotty Ze, The Earth Leadership Adventurer.

I go in front of the kids and start clapping my hands asking them if they know a song so we can go sing to my friend to help her smile. They have no response or specific expression, I’m not sure if they understood what I was trying to convey.

So I backtrack, walk away and start looking around in the store. Then this little girl, Dea, popped out of know where and started dancing! Balinese style dancing of course – all the kids here are taught this in school.

I couldn’t believe this little girl. She was magnificent! When she finished, I asked her to show me.

Hence this video of my first time trying Balinese dance!!!

I hope it doesn’t insult anybody or offend any tradition. We never made it to the beach that day. It was thus far my most cherished day in Bali.

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Balinese Dance


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