Thailand Dreaming: From Sex To Heart Chakra

Last night I woke up from a deep sleep feeling like heaven just touched me.

My-Baby-300x141While dreaming I caught some of my closest friends in their moments of solitude. I watched one of them reflect on a full life cycle as she decided to get married. Another feeling so grateful for the important work she had accomplished and realized it was time to take a break.

Many such moments were observed, and it was beautiful to see each friend reflect and unravel truth, whether it was due to joy or struggle, with a new sense of acceptance and wonder – a lightness.

One friend in particular, who we’ll refer to as “Beck,” sensed my presence, and drew me close to explain how he has lost that “fire” inside, and the willpower that he recognized as fuel all his life to draw and function from had disappeared.

“I was not sure if he was talking to me on the phone or mentally, but the response from me, was also to me.” Immediately I noticed that his “fire” was not gone, it just seemed that way to him, when in fact it was shifting and flipping on itself into a new dimension he had not yet tasted, thus seemingly disappearing. To me, this was obvious exciting news. Still I had nothing to say until I opened my mouth and surprised myself with words.

Beck is one of the most impressive men I’ve ever met – all struggle is minute to him, and he has found many ways to always feel healthy and happy always. Nothing bothers this guy, and he’s one of the few people I feel will never need my help or guidance as he’s got it all figured out beautifully for himself.

I woke up from the dream still feeling fully in conversation with him. I didn’t understand the thoughts I was trying to complete and share with Beck in the dream, and they were still running through my head so I grabbed a pen, rolled onto my side and started writing.

The below is what I shared with Beck.

‘“…but the response from me, was also to me, mentioning to write out these stages of transformation and that this is the one necessary and right step before (or almost) when the energy of the life starts to push up to the Heart Chakra. It no longer feels pushy or willful, or systematic with passionate urge igniting the, “I must do this now!” It just feels “present” more internalized in knowing and purpose, and externalized in humor and patience, undefensiveness and synchronicity that you deeply recognize and follow as a new path of life and relating to yourself, and a new book of inner desires unfolds in trust and courage.

Evocation of the ElementalsThat fire, courage, will, power and passion transforms from “I must do this now!” into coal that is turned into a new vision of self and life and becomes the essential fuel of trust and courage not to exude or give, but as shoes and new feet (right foot courage left foot trust) that follow the uncomfortable but inner relieving and rewarding new path towards what the yogis in the 1980s referred to as the Heart Center – and as Yogi Bhajan in his Los Angeles speech mentioned, “We are moving towards a heart-centered universe.”

This uncomfortable feeling combined with relief, trust, courage and knowing, happened once before in your memory of life, as you moved your main functionality from the norm of the crowd, into the “abnormal your way” as you transgressed from the 2nd to 3rd Chakra of fire, ruled by passion and determination and “I must do this now.” As you recall, you thought many would think you were crazy, and they did, but you left that crowd right when the decision was made and automatically reached a crowd that admired, supported, applauded what you were doing because it’s in the service of service – those that doubted, or were afraid for you, or experienced their own mind agitating in fear of what would happen if they stepped away from the norm safety net of industry and political control, unfortunately, don’t see you or experience your truth reflected in their own surrounding peace and possibility – they watch the news. And so they don’t see themselves. [Push the Play Button below to know my personal experience.]

That was your water (mass consciousness) to fire (individual character) transition. Now it’s a different beautiful jump – from fire (individual character) to heart (unfolding of destiny).

I’m not an expert as I have no retrospect vision for this, just a current experience and obvious marked points of experience in those around me. As this jump happens, remember that life changes also, not just your body’s energy, but your day-to-day living, doing, thinking and interacting with yourself and others. The way you trust even changes, the way you trust yourself and others (1st Chakra) the way you imagine and create from a new sense of emotional maturity (2nd Charka), the way you work with the type of passion determination that takes over you life (3rd Chakra), changes into a serene bubble of wide-eyed consciousness (4th Chakra), and that passion and determination instead of feeding one vein or one goal starts to feed the a larger sphere that includes “all little things in life” from the way you cook your food, brush your hair, even gaze at the pictures and painting on the wall in oh wow gratitude, while pumping blood into…well, we’ll see.

A balanced locomotive that internalizes beauty, time, attention and affection towards itself, as it does externalizing its wisdom and love and attention to others. A perfect balance between earth and lightening.

With this, from the perception of the 3rd Chakra life of externalizing your purpose that was boiling inside keeping you up all night and moving you involuntarily voluntarily into the “I must do this now” this new heart space feels like the opposite, although it’s not, it’s balanced in internalizing and eternalizing, it feels like all attention and love is now on you, since before it was all moving outwards.

Here I mention, I suppose complete life shift to 5th Chakra is all about you and dominate divine art download and embodiment. It automatically gives of course, but in your head and lifestyle it will feel like, and will be, all about you. Until you arrive at the 6th Chakra third eye, where it’s balanced once more in internalizing and externalizing, but mad-scientist style of perfection in doing and perceiving to complete things at once.

So now from 3rd Chakra (fire) to 4th Chakra (air) it’s not a “I must do this”, it’s an “I accept this ride.” This is the longest physical jump in the body compared to other Chakra distances, from below the navel to the center of the chest. You might translate it as “surrender” but surrender is an active quality we willfully choose and it might seem that way because we have to give up control of the way we were now accustomed to doing things.

Maybe so surrender, maybe trust, not sure the right word and syntax here, but I can offer this picture and feeling.

DSC00278-1024x768Imagine a hot air balloon in your belly and you accept to go in it. As it lifts up and moves toward the heart center, you see everything you used to know and do moving further away becoming smaller, leaving you with a larger picture of joy and pride of all the beauty and love each small piece has immersed your cells with. The bigger picture of what was actually happening during your “I must do this now” phase is revealed as you effortlessly float up into your, “I accept this phase – I relax and enjoy while you show me what’s next.”’

Maybe these next 3 Eclipses are this hot air balloon ride, if you accept this ride. So maybe the word “accept” not surrender or trust but their hybrid of “I accept.” Let the viciousness of a Scorpio Full Moon and Trinity of Eclipses take you to a new plane.

It has become apparent to most  that from the transformation cycles of life…

Creation (Brahma)
Preservation (Vishnu)
Destruction (Shiva)

…people tend to mostly fear the last stage, “Destruction.” Allow this woman with 5 planets in transformational Scorpio to offer a new perspective of the destruction phase, so that you don’t fear even starting the Creation phase since it requires the letting go, “Destruction,” of what was before and taking steps towards living the way that makes your soul happy…

Replace the word “Destruction” with “Longevity”
because that’s really what going on
and push GO!

DSC00286-300x225This concludes my dream state with Beck, the mad fever in my waking pen, guidance to all the friends in my dream, and myself. Hope you found depth in this for yourself. I know I learned a lot.

Personally, my yoga practice has been intensely focusing on Heart Chakra activations thanks to Tantra Yoga. Lots has upgraded and many of you have noticed the immediate and obvious changes. I feel like I cheated life and fell in heaven.

The women in my Online Tantra Yoga Class have been accomplishing great inner and outer strides too. Together we are shifting from the trying attitude of being 100% perfect, to being 100% present.

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“It’s all just an outcome of putting great effort towards what you want.”


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