Thailand! Taking You With Me

Warm clear blue water, tropical plants, crispy clean air, endless yoga, delicious food, a beautiful community, and…The Kings of Leon?!?!

Yes, one of my favorite bands, discovered while studying Tantra Yoga in Thailand with Swami Vivekananda in 2008.

A few weeks ago I found my Kings of Leon CD and once again put it on instant replay. It didn’t take long for me to feel instantly transported to my beachfront bungalow in Thailand.


Every morning for 3 months I could not wait to get out of bed. I would literally jump up and open the front door to stare at the nothingness of purity that I hoped one day could be me.

The front door of my beach bungalow would remain open as I would shower and have a full view of the ocean at dusk. Not one soul on the beach except the single-file line of birds that would run across the sand quickly eating all the bugs sweeping the sand clean.

My Daily Schedule

7:00am – 9:00am – Tantra Yoga Practice
9:00am -10:00am – Breakfast/break
10:00am-12:00pm – My Sadhana
12:00pm- 2:00pm – Tantra Yoga Practice
2:00pm – 4:00pm – Lunch, Lay out, Swim
4:00pm – 5:00pm – My Sadhana
5:00pm – 7:00pm – Tantra Yoga Practice
7:00pm – 7:30pm – Dinner
7:00pm – 10:00pm – Tantra Education

The water was these 20 steps away from my bungalow as you see here.


10119_1231045102223_7838767_nChances are, as you read this, you wish you were there. Let’s see how you feel after reading this.

Looks like living the dream right?

That’s what I thought at least. I would look around and attempt to reprogram my brain, “This is all perfect so it equals I’m happy.”

This didn’t fool the Shawoman that was there helping all of us make pivotal leaps.

She sat next to me and said, “I hear you saying that you are happy, but your body is crying.” I was shocked and intrigued to hear this, and made appointment for a “massage.”

It wasn’t long until I was screaming and crying maniacally. The crazy thing was, she encouraged it. She gave me a piece of cloth to put in my mouth and I kept screaming as loud as possible, for as long as I had energy…for as long I had the strength to express the repressed anger that was carving a way out for undigested love.

Once my emotions settled, the massage began.

As she rubbed my belly, she pushed on certain points that would release screams from my most inner depths. Every point on my stomach would echo a completely different sounding scream; sounds I’ve never heard me make before.

The Shawoman pointed out this obvious fact and re-pushed quickly on each of the 4 points while explaining, “This one your mother, this one your father, this one your ex-fiance, this one you.”

You can imagine what I said. One word was plenty.

I was only 26 years old and already a volcano of pain and sadness. I returned to the states and created this note of my laptop.

Screen-Shot-2013-02-24-at-8So, do you still wish you were in Thailand living My Daily Schedule?

Would you be ready to face the “ugliest” parts of you to gain happiness?

Are you ready to sacrifice pain for freedom?

This Thursday, February 28, and almost exactly 4 years later, I will be flying to Thailand once again to study at my Tantra Yoga school. With my Kings of Leon music tracks in hand, and a whole new discovery of sheer happiness up my sleeve that developed over the past few years thanks to Tantra Yoga, my loving family and friends.

So now it’s just Me. I get to take this Maria to learn something so fanatically cool…the happy one.

My first belly dance teacher, is also my Tantra Yoga teacher and runs the school in Dharamasala, India were I went in 2008 (same Tibetan town where the Dalai Lama lives). She is hosting a Mystical Bellydance Teacher Training that examines and reveals the spiritual side of aborigine dance forms and belly dance (eekkkk!!!).

I will be in Thailand for 6 weeks studying the underground ancient, almost lost forms, of dance and worship where movement, music and yoga collide, creating the ultimate feminine union of undifferentiated innate power.

And the coolest part is, I still get to teach my online yoga classes!

I will be sharing my adventure with the men and women in my online classes. They are just as excited as I am to go on this trip with me. It will be such a beautiful experience for all of us to journey together as I go into the depths of spiritual study, my heritage, and my soul, and taking my students even deeper into their center points of control. A guaranteed amplified transformational experience for all those involved.

This is what I’ve always wanted to do, I just didn’t know how or when. So I kept listening to my students’ desires, and starring at my note, “Focus On What Sets You Free.”

If you too are interested in joining our online classroom and would like to go on an inner adventure with us, send me message today!


  1. Awesome. As usual, I feel your flow. My Grinberg practitioner keeps telling me that I shouldn’t talk about my energy with yogi words, but I know she’s talking about the same thing I am (and you are here). It is truly amazing to feel [RELEASE!] what you have been forcing down your own throat/chest/intestines (or, wherever your spots may be) so that you can believe it when you tell yourself you are happy (“…just like everyone else…”). Amazing to feel you and only you and how strong you are and how much power flows within you when you just let it. Imma go focus on what sets me free right now(!), dank u wel, en xx.

    • Mel! We’re like twins! Why would that be suggested? There must be a reason…kind of. What do you think? Pick his/her brain.

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