The Underground Pulse: Trinity

sleeping-womenAnd so, the 3 of us stand in the middle of my studio, surrounded by the effects of change. The packing boxes and scattered items seem not to phase us, as we gravitate in a perfect triangle to share the most heartbreaking events that led to the most exciting personal revelations.

I looked deeply at the other women recognizing that once we walk away from this triangle, nothing in our lives would ever be the same.

Each of us was standing at the cliff of change. Not a small or big scary change that shifts only one aspect of life, but the type of change begging for a quantum leap – the type that feels natural and enlivening…like pulsating power.

For all 3 of us, our homes, our careers and our relationships were all going to taste sweeter from now on. We were all gifted with a new body, a new job and a new living situation, all at once.

You might be thinking, “Oh a new body, what’s so quantum about that?” Not a new body because of weight loss, but a new worshipful physical experience after abstaining from sex for a year due to past emotional trauma. Not a new body because of the overcoming of an injury or illness, but because of a pregnancy loss. Not a new job such as the same one as before but in a different company, but taking what you already do and traveling at the same time because it’s your passion and where you belong. Not a new relationship after the usual breakup, but a completely different interaction with a partner because of a direct change in the way you relate to yourself.

As we separated from our trinity triangle, we united with the quantum risk of changing all 3 aspects of life simultaneously: body, business and bedroom.

A total system’s upgrade thanks to one aspect – forgiving past abuse and trauma.

Our old life, a closed book we don’t even care to mention or dwell on anymore.
My past, on an epitaph.
The trinity conclusion, “Finally I get to be me.”

In the past, what we shared and grieved about with one another and our families would have been considered shameful, silenced, and hidden underground…still pulsating, causing incurable disease.

Together we shined light on the most fearful moments of life, while at the same time asking god to never show this type of sorrow to anyone…while learning that most women have gone, and are going through, the same things. (<– statistics)

My heart blew open. I fell in deeper love with every woman and mother in this world and was placed in a total mood of global humane compassion. I could not believe what women all over the world go through, the decisions we face, and all the people and laws that think they can tell us what is best for us…when they will never live it.

Smiling, I promised never to be rude to my mother again.

I want you all to know about One Billion Rising. It is on February 14 and includes 202+ countries rising up to end gender-based violence.

When-strong-women-awake-mountains-will-moveClick here for events happening in San Diego. Click here to access the Facebook invite.

All men and women are encouraged to go outside at 2:14 pm and take a joyful 20-minute walk or dance in celebration of the end of violence against women. A quantum trinity.

To me, One Billion Rising represents not only the end of subtle and obscene gender-based violence, but women being able to look in the eyes of other women in full support, understanding and encouragement, recommending she not pulsate her power underground any longer.

After working with so many women and allowing them to voice what’s underground for them, I recognized the importance in shifting my Tantra Yoga Teachings to focus on the physical, sexual and spiritual health of a woman, thus providing an accurate point of reference for self-understanding, feminine empowerment and global liberation.

Just like the yogis of yore recommended, “Invest in women and children.”

Our Woman’s Online Tantra Yoga class is a dynamic mix of Vinyasa Flow and Tantra Yoga tailored to support women all around the globe in anchoring a regular body/spirit care routine so they can take ecstatic control of their body…

…and we have so much fun doing this every Monday via the web.

Thank you everyone for reading this blog post. You may use the buttons below to share this and let your friends know about One Billion Rising.

Have the best and most potent Valentine’s Day ever!

“The essential nature of the Divine is perpetual spanda, creative pulsation…The goddess (creative power) is always engaged in exercising her energy in manifestation, and yet always appears as replete (her energy is never depleted). She is the wave of the ocean of consciousness the volitional power of the Divine.”

~Spanda-Karikas: The Divine Creative Pulsation

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