(VIDEO!) With Yoga Master on a Rooftop in India Stomach Cleansing

Yogis tend to be all about purification. Yes we like to cleanse on all levels, including: External, Internal, and Energetic. To do this we use Yoga Asanas (yoga postures), Breathing Techniques (Pranayama), Meditation (Dhyana) and Purification Actions called Kriyas.

There are many different Kriya, Cleansing/Purification Techniques, and they are categorized in 6 groups called Sat-Karma-Kriya “The Six Actions of Purification.”

Some are secret, some you can find online (kind of like the neti pot Oprah craze), and most are not recommended to try without a Yogi by your side.

This INDIA VIDEO below was my first time attempting Vastra Dhauti, stomach cleansing purification technique.

I would say that it is darn near impossible to do, until I saw my friend Doctor/Master Yogi friend, Pardeep Yogi, do this….and many many other strange yogic things.

I did not swallow all five feet of rope, but I did remove some mucous, which is pretty much the initial goal of this.

Within each of the 6 Sat Karma Kriya categories of purification, there are 5 to 7 subcategories. Unless you are in an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, there is no need to fill your mind and spend a days memorizing these, and then years experiencing these, just know, Yogis tend to be doctors and scientists in their own right.

For now just enjoy my first ever Vastra Dhauti attempt, my Yoga Master friend making fun of me, and the background Indian Music in the background in this video…

…as well as, enjoy this newly expansive understanding that being a Yogis means we have endless yoga postures, yoga breathing, and techniques to help ourselves and others purify their entire physical and energy system so that every body, mind and life and is restored to its maximum balance, health and vitality….so that you can kick ass everyday of your happy life.

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