April 18 – 29 | INDIA RETREAT! 12-Day CranioSacral Training | Chakra Yoga | Sacred Temple Tour

Only 6 spots remain for our India Sacred Journey and Cranial Sacral Training this April 2017.

This will be my 5th time in India. As many of you know, I’ve studied yoga and music, and lived there for almost a year. From all my experiences there thus far, I can say it’s the most heart-opening place. I have a huge honor of teaching the Chakra Yoga style I learned in India at this training. The best words I can intuit to describe what this training will feel like are: transformational, fun, and completely eye-opening.


The link above will re-route you to my teacher and mentor – Dr. Prana – an expert in 9 healing modalities: everything from western medicine, to acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Cranial Sacral and more…not to mention his studies in the Siddha tradition which is one of the most mysterious and highly valued tradition in Yoga and Tantra.

Me in India in 2014

Me in India in front of Ganges River – Rishikesh, 2014

I can’t imagine a more potent offering!

  1. The CranialSacral healings that you will experience and learn how to impart on others
  2. The deep mystery of your own internal power that you will be revealed to you
  3. The most spiritually loaded place in India where we will visit the mouth of the Ganges river where wisdom begins to flow into Rishikesh – known as the 2nd yoga capital for the world (the first being Los Angeles LOL!)
  • CHAKRA YOGA | An all levels, chakra-based, meditative vinyasa style that focuses on the inner energetic blueprint of the body. It is for all levels of yoga experience. Both bran-new students and advanced, will feel comfortable and successful in the class setting, as well as experience the power within each chakra through a secret style of inner yoga that I learned in India. This will result in elevated states of awareness and personal breakthroughs, as you journey deep into your energy body while strengthening it physically, and getting to know YOURSELF on a whole other level.
  • CRANIOSACRAL| The Vajra body is also known as the “Rainbow Body” or “Dream Body.” According to Siddha Tradition, the Vajra Body is a source of health, wellness, and personal transformation. It is the body that you enter when you are dreaming, and the body that informs you when some one is standing behind you and you feel that for some “strange” reason. Now you will get to know it and connect to it as a part of you for miraculous healing, especially healing recurring injuries.

Yes you will be able to help other’s after this retreat by awakening their body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This India Sacred Journey is definitely unlike any other.

The price is right and includes many things others don’t. DETAILS HERE.

You will be provided with a first hand experience of the culture, and walk away transformed, de-stressed, revitalized and re-inspired from brain to toe from the Cranial Sacral Training, which he has fused with the ancient study of Subtle Body from the Siddha Tradition.

You’ll learn to work with the Vajra Body – also known as the Rainbow Body, or Dream Body – to bring about optimum health, vitality and healing in yourself and others.

Vajra Body is the body that you connect with while dreaming, and the body that informs you when some one is standing behind you and you feel that for some “strange” reason. The study he’ll impart onto us is deep and nearly unfounded – you’ll start to recognize this body as a part of YOU.


I am personally inviting you to take a look at the…


Only $600 deposit saves your place.

We only have 7 spots left.


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