Oct 26 Tantric Visions: Mantras + Yantras, 1-day Immersion, San Diego, CA

Really excited to bring you this workshop!!! It is created for MEN AND WOMEN that want to dive deeper into the Mahavidya Goddess Traditions of the Siddha Tantra Lineage from the Himalayas…so let’s just say, Bhakti Time!!!

If you already know Prana Gogia, you know why I’m thrilled, and the authenticity you are in for. Anytime he’s willing to share his knowledge, it’s a no-brainer…Must Be There!

He’s been fully immersed in yoga study since the age of 4, and has been one of my most influential mentors, and a great supporter and friend; the cornerstone of my daily reminder to, “follow your heart always” as he says.

This is the type of true depth and teaching we can only wish to have access too…and we are so lucky to have it at arms reach. Even the most pristine Yoga Teacher Trainings don’t go this deep…so you can imagine my excitement for this 1-day Total Immersion Workshop!

I’ve been asking Prana to teach me these Goddess Tantric Visions Mantras and Yantras for what seems like forever! I even tried to convince him teach me online over Skype while living in Bali…but he cannot because the Mantras must be transferred in person for proper resonance.

Since I will be back in San Diego, he so graciously agreed to teach us all!!!

The Tantric Meditations & Goddess Visions Mantras and Yantras when practiced can provide the following, and more:

~.~> Energize Your Clarity & Inner Potential…so that you can navigate you life journey towards its highest expression from your power center

~.~> Deepen Your Relationship With Your Consciousness while getting in touch with your self-wholeness…body, mind and senses

~.~> Uncover The Innate Intelligence of Your Body/Mind Matrix…so that you can heal by transforming stagnant emotions into power and confidence

~.~> Cultivation of Compassionate Heart…erasing judgment and criticism of self and others, and replacing it with the gift of an open heart and kindness

~.~> A New-Found Sense of Aliveness…with total appreciation for yourself and connection with the cosmos

These teachings are incredibly difficult to access. We really hope you’d like to come join us.

If you register before Oct 19th you will RECEIVE A DISCOUNT!

BEFORE OCT 19th: $127.00
AFTER OCT 19th: $147.00


Trust me, this Workshop will sell out Fast!

Are you registering early?

Looking forward to spending this really profound time with you ladies and gentlemen and learning something new and awesome! Hope you can make it!

Prana’s Bio:
A practitioner and teacher of Siddha Ayurveda and Siddha Craniosacral Work. Born in India, and has spent over 30 years studying and practicing healing work in the lineage of the Siddha tradition. Traveled extensively through the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal, and India, to learn Tantric visionary and healing practices. He integrates his experience and knowledge of the Siddha Tradition, with Craniosacral work and Chinese Medicine in his healing and teaching profession, to create sacred space for healing and transformation.