It has been a long road to here…and I’ve danced every expression of it…transforming myself and others every step of the way.

My favorite Rumi quote has become, “The rock of truth is hard and inflexible. It does not fear a world made of bits of broken brick.”

I have been dedicated to teaching yoga since 2006. After returning from my first 8 month long trip to India and other eastern locations, I returned to California in 2009. The gap between Yoga in India and the Yoga in America was all too apparent.

Something very important and essential that was missing from Western Yoga, and I knew it had the power to heighten every person’s wellbeing, and infuse many lives with freedom and meaning.

Thus, I developed my own style of yoga in 2011. I was determined to bridge the gap, and bring through the energetic (chakra) practices and principles of Classical Tantra from the east to west, by embedding them into the physical yoga practices like Vinyasa and Power Yoga.


I asked myself, “If I were the people in my yoga room, and not able to travel nor wanting to learn from a guy with a beard and a robe, how would I like to learn what no one else is teaching?

If I had it my way, Dance + Vinyasa + Tantra, is how I would have liked to experience the depth of my energy body and chakras – instead of rigid India ashram ways….and guess what…I DO HAVE IT MY WAY!…and SO DO YOU!

You don’t have to learn this stuff from a guy with a beard and a robe in India like I did (while getting stomach flu multiple times :), you can learn it with DANCE, HIP HOP MUSIC & FUN! ALL CAN BE VEHICLES OF TRUTH.

Since then I have had the pleasure of being the creator and force of Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™. The creator and digital-nomad of the first and only live-streaming online Tantra Yoga class for Women, Feminine Power Chakra Flow™, which is now an incredible 6 month and 12 month Woman’s Tantra Home Study Course that you can access from home. I am the secret force behind 3 to 5 executives, athletes and entrepreneurs per year, teaching them how to harness they bio-energy and leveraging in into their careers for massive results, and I am sure I can help you too with something as you browse around my website.

Before all the above…before I discovered yoga, I was working in the corporate world and offered a 6-figure salary for 5 years upon my resignation…upon the moment I decided to follow my heart and destiny. I wrote about this in detail, so I can help others who feel stuck in corporate, design a blueprint so they can quit their jobs too and move into their life’s reserved treasures.

That’s all old news to me now. Since quitting my corporate job in 2008, I’ve been devoted to the spiritual arts with respected teachers throughout Asia. I continue my travels and studies with Yoga Masters and Yoga Doctors in India, Masters of Classical Sacred Dance, Enlightened Masters, and various Healers and Tibetan Rinpoches covering a range of traditions from Traditional Yoga to Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

In short, my style of teaching will always integrate movement (Vinyasa) with ancient meaning and chakra activating postures (Tantra), inspiring my students to design a life in accordance with their souls’ calling.

I am known to have very practical approaches, thanks to my Degrees in Philosophy, International Security & Conflict Resolution, and experience in Organizational Leadership. That, combined with my personal 7-year corporate experience, has made me one of the first teachers to draw direct correlations between chakras and their effect on business models and corporate operations. Thus, top company executives, professional athletes and musicians seek my private programs and repeatedly enjoy results as mentioned in the above video.

My fun and transformational teaching style has spread from California to India and many countries in between, Internationally and Online. Usually teaching across 6 times zones online at the same time.

My aim is to continue traveling and studying throughout Asia to discover what underlies music, yoga, spirituality, culture and global union…and share it with you in the next creative ways that arise from within me.

Forever you will be transformed if you come too close.